How could you help your customers and prospects see that you can add real value to their lives?

If you’ve ever photographed a family that were arguing all the way to their shoot, you will know that no matter what you photograph for them or how awesome the light and background is, they will be reluctant to buy because the photos remind them of the argument they had before their shoot.

To avoid that from happening… what if you offered something completely different for your clients by creating an experience that lets them rediscover who they are for each other and what they love about each other? What if you could spark conversation that creates a deeper connection for a family – a conversation that lets them feel heard and loved? Would you like that?

When you create this for your clients, they’re transported to those feelings of being the best version of themselves every time they look at the wall art you create for them.

Doing this creates clients who value what you do and lets you create new possibilities for the people you serve.

Here are 5 ways you can give real value to your photographic customers:

1. Bring people together in a positive space where they can celebrate those they love.
2. Ask people to be present for each other.
3. Allow people to be heard as they discover who they really are for each other.
4. See the best in the person standing before you, without judgement.
5. Help people remember and celebrate the very best version of themselves and their family.

We help photographers like you create desire for what you offer and generate referrals from clients who value photography.

There’s no industry business standard or mega giant leader teaching the public what a photographic experience is really all about. Almost every other industry has an industry leader that leads the way in business. They train their people. They build systems and procedures. They test and measure, spend money on consultants to analyse data and Key Performance Indicators. They spend huge amounts of time and money analysing the market to discover what their clients want, then spend more money educating their market about the solutions they offer.

In the end, your clients just want to be heard. The main thing they want from you is for you to show them that they are valuable. They don’t know what a photographic experience is all about and it’s up to you to educate them about how you can add value to their lives.

Before your customers will invest in your photos, they need to feel that the value having artwork gives them is something they can’t get from anywhere else. They also need to believe that the perceived value is much greater than what you are asking them to invest. Their investment is not just their money. You also ask them to invest their time and their wall space – all limited resources.

The value you give your customers is not about how epic you are as a photographer or how perfect the golden hour was at the time. It has to mean something to your clients. When it means something and moves them to an emotional state, it becomes valuable to them. When they look at what you have produced for them and it is alive with emotion and speaks to them emotionally, it becomes valuable to them.

In order for you to move someone emotionally, you need to find out what they value and what is meaningful to them. You need to help people find who they are again and remind them of what is important in their lives.

You will never starve for clients when you make them your focus.